Automation Solutions for Packaging and Processing

CPG Automation is your premier solutions provider for equipment in primary and secondary packaging, product inspection technology, and processing design and controls.

With a track record of over a decade in automation, CPG Automation was formed as part of the Canadian Copacking Group Inc. We provide full turnkey solutions and individual technology systems for companies in food, pharmaceutical, cannabis, micro cultivation facilities, pet food, recycling and plastics, petrochemical, and industrial. CPG Automation has service in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Past projects have been in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Maritimes. We have complete coverage across Canada!

We are part of the Canadian Copacking Group Inc. and CPG Consulting.

CPG Automation allows our clients to make informed decisions through transparency, capital optimization analysis, and industrial review. Utilizing our team of experts, we provide proven analysis into workable business mapping. CPG Automation is your customer representative first and foremost.

We are Project Management Professionals (PMP), Professional Engineers (P. Eng), MBA’s, Business Information Technologists, Certified Private Equity Professionals, and manufacturing specialists with over 100 years of experience and expertise.

Primary Packaging

Filling Systems

- Multihead Scales

- Linear Scales

- Volumetric Cup Fillers

- Auger Fillers

- Liquid Fillers – gravity, piston, and pump

multihead-combination-scale picture

Multihead Combination Scale

Volumetric Cup Filler picture

Volumetric Cup Filler

linear scale picture

linear scale

Liquid-Filling picture

Liquid Filling

Bagging Systems



- Pre-Made Bagging Machines

- Semi-automatic baggers

- Flow Wrappers

- Vacuum Chamber Machines

VFFS picture


Automatic PreMade Bag Equipment

Pre-Made Bagging Machines

CPG automation pictures

Flow Wrappers

Vacuum Chamber picture

Vacuum Chamber

Rigid Containers and Bottling Systems

- Spindle Cappers

- Rotary Cappers

- Inline and Bench Labellers

- Induction Seal

- Tamper Proof Band Sealing

Induction Seal_icon.jpg picture

Induction Seal

Rotary Capper picture

Rotary Capper

Inline Labelling picture

Inline Labelling

tamper proof bottle picture

Tamper Proof Bottle

Secondary Packaging

  • Case Packing
  • Tray Forming
  • Semi-Automatic Case Erector and Taping Systems
  • RSC Case Erector Systems
  • RSC Case Taping Systems
  • Pallet Wrappers
  • Palletizing
Tray Former picture

Tray Former

RSC Case Taping Systems picture

RSC Case Taping System

Pallet Wrapper picture

Pallet Wrapper

Robotic Case Packing picture

Robotic Case Packing

Product Inspection, Quality Systems, Material Handling, Integration and Controls

  • Checkweighers / Inline Weighing Systems
  • Xray
  • Metal Detection
  • Vision Systems
  • Optical and Chemical Sorting and Grading
  • AI Vision Systems
  • Coding and Marking, Tracking and Traceability, Quality Management Software Systems
  • Conveyors, Platforms, Accumulation Tables, accumulation conveyors, bucket elevators, incline conveyors
  • Controls and Integration, Project Management, Vendor Analysis
  • Full Line Design and Implementation
Product Inspection picture

Product Inspection

AI Vision Systems picture

AI Vision Systems

Conveyor systems-icon picture

Conveyor Systems

Full Line Design picture

Full Line Design

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